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Families come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes change. What matters is that children are well cared for and afforded stability. The Law Office of Richard C. Claahsen has extensive experience handling both guardianship and adoption cases and we are happy to explain both in detail if you schedule an appointment today.

What is the Difference Between Adoption & Guardianship?

Both adoptions and guardianships grant legal parental rights, but in slightly different ways. Put simply, an adoption severs all legal ties between a biological parent and child and grants sole parental rights to the adoptive parents. Guardianships, on the other hand, grant parental rights to an adult who is not the biological parent, while allowing the biological parent to retain some of their parental rights.

Do I Need an Attorney for Either the Guardianship or Adoption Process?

The laws surrounding both guardianship and adoption are notoriously complex and are not easy for the layperson to interpret. Both processes can be easily derailed by mistakes in paperwork, missed deadlines, miscommunications between parties and agencies, and more, which is is why it is highly recommended that you retain a competent family law attorney early on. We can help you avoid common pitfalls that delay or prevent a successful guardianship or adoption and serve as a guide from start to finish.

The Law Office of Richard C. Claahsen provides dependable legal counsel for clients in Yorkville, Oswego, and Sugar Grove dealing with guardianship and adoption matters. Contact our office today at (630) 553-1234 to schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

Protecting Your Family From Harm

Your choice in legal representation truly matters when it comes to sensitive family issues. Attorney Richard Claahsen is known for his calm and supportive approach, paired with sharp legal savvy needed to obtain the outcomes you want. Protect your greatest assets today by calling us to get the high-quality counsel you and your family deserves.

The Law Office of Richard C. Claahsen provides trusted and sensitive representation to families in Yorkville who are facing divorce and other family law matters. Contact our office today at (630) 553-1234 to schedule a consultation.

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