Effective Foreclosure Defense Attorney Protecting Yorkville Families

If you have fallen behind in your mortgage payments, you may be facing the threat of foreclosure. You are not alone; Illinois continues to have one of the highest rates of home foreclosure in the nation. We understand that economic woes affect all people and you are no less deserving of justice and assistance than anyone else. Let us put over 20 years of experience in your corner as we prepare a strong defense for foreclosure in your case.

Holding Your Bank Accountable

Do you feel as though your bank is on your side? Do you feel as though they have been helpful throughout this process? Our guess is that you do not feel this way, but instead as though your bank has been intimidating. Fortunately for you, Illinois passed a law in 2013 stating that a bank must show demonstrable proof that they have done everything possible to help a late mortgage payer stay out of foreclosure proceedings. If they cannot produce this evidence, they are acting illegally in attempting to move forward with foreclosure.

Affordable Foreclosure Defense

Our goal as we approach your case will be to delay the foreclosure proceedings for as long as possible in order to keep you in your home and allow you to catch up on payments. Ultimately, we will work to cease the foreclosure altogether if it is at all possible. We understand you are financially stressed and will work to provide you exceptional counsel at a rate you can afford without making your situation worse.

The Law Office of Richard C. Claahsen provides foreclosure defense to Yorkville homeowners facing difficult legal issues. Contact our office today at (630) 553-1234 to schedule a consultation with an effective real estate lawyer.

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